Watch those Trackbacks

Tonight I sent a trackback to another site and noticed a couple things..

1. Because I added tags to the top of my post, the trackback now shows those before it shows the comments. Tags should not be shown. I love the plugin Ultimate Tag Warrior and will have to go in and get rid of the top tags.

2. I didn’t listen to my own advice that I gave long ago on Things i’m learning about blogging.

1. TrackBack works, but will add the entire paragraph the link is in to the comments of the linked blog. So use paragraphs! I’ve had a couple trackback comments sent to other blogs that just run on and on… and only one line about the blog entry I was linking to. I don’t think I would want someone entire blog entry added to my comments.

Now off to make the changes.

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One Comment to “Watch those Trackbacks”

  1. Christine D. 22 December 2006 at 12:47 am #

    If you wanted tags at the front of your posts, you could stick the magical pixie dust for displaying tags into your theme; rather than using the automagically included ones.

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