Widget Quickies

Here are a few WordPress plugins that have just been released, that I will be looking further into for my sites and readers my like.

Pandora Widget:
I’ve written about Pandora and now Jean-Paul has created a Pandora Widget for displaying your favorite songs (optionally with album art), display your favorite artists, diplay your stations and Optionally display “create station form”.
This would work great for a personal blog and the great thing is the create your own station option, this allows those who haven’t tried Pandora yet to easily try it.

Simple Tagging Tag Cloud:
For those who use the Simple Tagging plugin, Stefan has written a Simple Tagging widget to create a tag cloud from your tags. I know many bloggers that have been looking for just this widget.

Flickr Widget
Now before you sigh and say oh another Flickr widget, check this one out. With Ben’s Flickr Widget you can set which tags you’d like to show, layout of the photos, number of photos and lots more. This is probably the Flickr Widget i’ve been looking for.

Hidden Advanced editor buttons
While not a Widget, but a quickie.. Over at Reviewsaurus they’ve posted a shortcut to bring up hidden advanced editor buttons, if you’re using the visual editor (which I can’t since i’m using a couple plugins that restrict this). The hidden buttons allow you to add header tags, layout options and font sizes among other things. To see the short cut, click on over to Reviewsaurus

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  1. urbanread 9 February 2007 at 12:41 pm #

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  2. Scott J 11 February 2007 at 2:30 am #

    I had a widget quickie one time.

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