WordPress 2.1.1 and Your Code Changes

Many know the new version is out, but most haven’t updated yet. I haven’t seen any problems yet with plugins, widgets or changes in code that I’ve done. But this is probably a good time to think about what changes you’ve done to your site.
Luckily, most the changes, including code changes, we’ve made are in the actual theme. When we update wordpress we’re not updating the theme which helps us, but what about when a large update comes through and themes have to be updated or you want to change your theme?
I usually keep a file on my system that has the bit of original code and then what I changed it to, just like my post, so I remember and can visually see what I’ve changed.
This would probably be a good dashboard plugin that you can add changes. One field would be file name, next original code and last the new code. What other fields would you add to this plugin if you were creating it?

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