WordPress and Google Ads

For those that read my SEO and Marketing Review blog you’ve read this, but I’m adding it to Tek-works since it is something to add to your code in wordpress.

One of the things that many sites have are Goggle Ads or Google Adsense, but most of these sites just install them and that’s it. Adsense tries to figure out what your post or page is about and then will send relevant ads to your page, problem is, with wordpress, Adsense sees links, plugins, feeds and everything else on your page including your post.
The way to stop Adsense from seeing everything on your page and just the relevant data is to add a small strip of code to your template.

These are the before and after codes:

<!-- google_ad_section_start -->
<!-- google_ad_section_end -->

In your index, single post and anyother page template that has a post in it, add the first piece of code before where the post starts and then the second where it ends.

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