Working on the Site

I’m been away for a month, Why? well I’m in the process of buying a house, creating 4 websites and I’m reworking tek-works. While getting my bearings in Atlanta I’ve slowly started getting jobs doing websites. I’ve been coding HTML for years but only for my own sites and have always seen it as a hobby, but as I’m getting deeper and deeper into it, I’m finding that I like it.
The rework of Tek-works is to add pages to the site showing off some of the sites I’ve recently done. I will save anyone from seeing the sites that I did in 1997, way before anything fancy was done on the web, but the new sites have DHTML, java, flash and PHP. Not only will I have a page showing off my sites, but I’ll also have any other services I offer, prices and tips and tricks through my blog post, allowing anyone to learn or argue anything I say.

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