You can Almost get rid of Cable

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For a couple months now I’ve been testing new software called Boxee. Boxee allows me to watch many of the online video sites on my television. As of now there are different versions for different OS’s, some allow Netflix while orhers have ABC, still lacking behind is the Apple TV setup, but they are slowly working on it (it’s the hardwares problem not Boxee’s).

Right now I have the appleTV setup, I use it mostly to watch shows on hulu and Joost, but I have also installed a 2 TB server that I can copy all my movies to off of DVD. Boxee will then list all my movies with info on each, I choose what i’d like to watch and the movie starts, no worrying about finding the dvd, scratching it and I always have a backup.

As boxee adds more and more resources, I can see in the near future that I can drop cable and watch the shows i want when i want. Too bad i still will have to pay the cable company for internet. I setup 2 AppleTV’s with boxee, one for myself and another for Scott Janz.

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