Your Template and Google, Do They Work Well Together?

Today on SEO & Marketing Review I talked about how the search engines see your site and how to test it. So I decided to test it on tek-works and I wasn’t happy with the results.
If you read the post, you’ll see my personal opinion is that when Google looks at your post that it should right away see info pertaining to that post. This way Google or even other search engines know exactly what topic you’re talking about and can put you in the search for that topic or category. Well Tek-Works doesn’t fit into that, even though I like this template for wordpress, I’m going to change it. Using the tool below, you can see that the search engine spiders see all the info on the left sidebars before they get to my post, which means if I’m talking about a plugin, Google see’s the title / header about the plugin and then sees links older post and mybloglog before anything about the plugin. This can’t be helping with my keyword rankings.

Watch for a new template soon..

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3 Comments to “Your Template and Google, Do They Work Well Together?”

  1. Tony 26 March 2007 at 6:14 pm #

    The awesomeness of CSS is that the sidebar content could come at the end of the page, and still be styled to be displayed on the left.

  2. Scott J 31 March 2007 at 9:13 am #

    So, is it better to have spidered text or spidered links to show up right away. Not sure there was much of a difference when I ran my site. ??

  3. […] we were using wasn’t configured to work well with the search engines as we talked about in Your Template and Google, Do They Work Well Together I really liked our old template but it was alot easier to start with a new theme than try to change […]

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